Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hi and welcome to my hidden thoughts.  All day everyday, I live under a rock, as rocks are much more normal than crazy people...

But I always itch to just BE ME.

For example, today I applied for a position as an assistant screenwriter.  This screenwriter contacted me asking to see samples of my work.

I wanted to include both a personal piece about a phobic woman + a journalistic piece about a seder for the mentally ill along with one more piece.

But that would scream crazy woman.

And while I think it takes crazy energy to have brilliant energy, that just wouldn't have cut it in our pretending to be normal world, especially job market.

So after a fit of hating myself, I submitted the phobic piece and a piece about Iraqi vets for peace.

We need a revolution, in which it's sane to say I care about "the mentally ill" or people who have suffered.  In which we can be proud to be identified with the people who have been degraded, lived with trauma, and are consistently ridiculed for it.

It's about time.

Krazily yours,

Kimberley a.k.a. Palestine